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These bonus drinking game rules are for helping you find even more fun in your dysFUNction. dysFUNction is hilarious with or without booze, but it can make an awesome drinking game!

Official Drinking Game Rules

  • Take a drink every time you lose a Bag (in the dysFUNction game, losing Baggage means you’re less dysFUNctional… so keep drinking)
  • Take a drink if you pass on telling a story (you might need to loosen up a little more to find the FUN)
  • Take a drink if you lose a One-Up (because someone’s more dysFUNctional than you)
  • Take a drink if your story is about drinking
  • If you get stuck in Denial:  1) Acknowledge the elephant in the room 2) Chug the rest of your drink 3) Escape
  • If your story isn’t Baggage worthy, the Judge can award you a drink instead
  • Drink a whole drink if your Baggage Cart ends up empty (life’s no fun without a little Baggage)
  • Find the fun by making up your own drinking game rules!

The fun with dysFUNction is that you can freestyle this game however feels right-it’s simply about sharing stories, One-Upping each other, and finding the fun in your dysFUNction. Make the rest up as you go, whether you’re drinking or not!


*A drink can be a sip, a shot, a shotgunned beer, or a full drink, depending on the tolerance and dysFUNction of the players

Please drink reponsibly, not dysFUNctionally. Don’t drink and drive.