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Do I need to pop a little blue pill before I play the dysFUNction game?

The blue pill works better for a different kind of dysFUNction (not that we know anything about that). But if you feel the need, pop a blue one and see where your night goes. We’re not responsible.

Is this game for me?

Do you have a family and a sense of humor? Then, yes. If you appreciate The Simpsons, Arrested Development, Modern Family, Family Guy, Vacation/European Vacation/etc., The Royal Tenenbaums, This Is Where I Leave You, Little Miss Sunshine, Uncle Buck, Death at a Funeral, The Ref, Parenthood, American Beauty, Star Wars, The Corrections, anything by David Sedaris, or any other brilliant or crappy sitcom, movie, book, reality show or other pop culture medium that finds the fun in family dysFUNction (and that list is pretty much infinite), this game is for you.

Is this a drinking game?

You can play the dysFUNction game with or without alcohol. (Why limit yourself?) We usually have more fun playing with a little social lubricant, but then we have more fun doing everything with a little social lubricant (well, maybe more than a little). We did make up some fun drinking game rules (find them here). Or make up your own. This game is about finding the fun, not following the rules (no one’s getting grounded while playing dysFUNction).

This sounds like it could get kinda heavy or depressing. Will it be fun?

If you don’t know how to find the fun in life, or how to laugh at yourself, or how to lighten the f**k up, this game might not be for you. You might also be missing the point (or more likely, you’re in Denial). Every family is dysFUNctional, and finding the fun in your dysFUNction (and in everyone else’s) is not only hilarious, it’s therapeutic. (YES, it will be really fun).

Should I play the dysFUNction game with my parents?

This one really depends on your family, or how much you want to stir the pot. dysFUNction is sometimes better with family peers (siblings, cousins) than with multi-generational groups, but you know your family best (or you will after you play dysFUNction with them).

An example from my dysFUNctional family: My parents had a blast playing with their brothers; it got a little more awkward when they played it with us. But, everything gets awkward in my family, like when I first told my parents about this game we had created. ‘Disowned’, ‘disinherited’ and ‘deeply offended’-those were the mellowest words. After months of the silent treatment, they finally broke down and played with their friends (and laughed their asses off). When they bought some games (at full price) to give as gifts, we had proof that anyone can (and should!) find the fun in dysFUNction.

Whoever you play with, one of the best parts about playing with your own family members is hearing different people’s versions of the same stories. Serious entertainment.

I’m gift shopping. Who should I give this to?

The dysFUNction game is perfect for any and all grown-ups with a sense of humor. Gift it to family members, friends, co-workers, in-laws, white elephants, the pool boy, lovers, partners, Grandma's boyfriend(s), kissing cousins, nosy neighbors, bossy bosses, your therapist. We don’t recommend it for people under 18. Their dysFUNction is not fully formed yet.

I need dysFUNction for a game night this weekend. What are my options?

All our shopping and shipping information can be found here.

The dysFUNction game looks perfect for my store. Do you sell wholesale?

dysFUNction is absolutely perfect for your store. Please email us at mom@funwithdysfunction.com for more info.

I still need help.

Please contact your therapist. Or email us at mom@funwithdysfunction.com